Green Smoothie Cleanse: 15-Day Healthy Detox Program with Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss! - Chelsea Horn

Green Smoothie Cleanse: 15-Day Healthy Detox Program with Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss!

By Chelsea Horn

  • Release Date: 2017-02-07
  • Categories: Beverages


If you are interested in having a slim, healthy and full-of-vitality body, but do not find yourself among those annoyingly-lucky persons who are happy enough to eat whatever they want and still not gain any excess fat, you are definitely familiar with a wide list of diets that promise large number of pounds lost in a couple of days or so.

But let's face the ugly truth: there is no such thing as a healthy and easy diet that works fast and has permanent effects. It takes motivation, determination and patience to achieve the results that you want. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is to diminish the importance of a detox period that has the purpose to prepare the body for the following stage.

But detox diets are not only for those who want to lose weight. Even if our body looks healthy on the outside, the inside might be full of poisonous chemicals from the foods that are today exposed on all markets. Thus, a detox with leafy greens and healthy fruits is exactly what our body needs to get the power to work again at its full capacity.

Green Smoothie Cleanse. 15 Recipes for a 15-Day Healthy Detox Program offers extremely useful information about the benefits of such a diet and guidance for the first 15 days. Besides the 15 smoothie recipes, this book also includes details about:
Arguments supporting such a dietWhy smoothiesWhen should we consider "detox-ing" our bodyHow will our body react to a diet based on green smoothiesWhat other foods should be consumed in this period and which ones should be avoided
Cleaning your body must be done both on the outside and on the inside. Detoxify yourself and do it smart: with healthy, delicious and full of nutrients smoothie recipes.

Download this book, read everything you need to know, and try all this recipes for yourself.