Google AdWords - Anastasia Holdren

Google AdWords

By Anastasia Holdren

  • Release Date: 2011-11-03
  • Categories: Computers


Do people really click the handful of text ads that accompany Google search results? Absolutely. Growth of Google AdWords continues to increase, as does online advertising in the United States. This book shows you how each piece of Google’s advertising platform works, focusing on areas that impact the performance and cost of your ad campaigns.

Learn how to create an AdWords account, and then dive into the particulars of setting up your first campaign, optimizing keywords, writing effective ads, and tracking conversions. Most advertisers don’t understand how AdWords works. This book gives you an edge.
Learn the advantages of proper account structure based on tightly knit themesUnderstand AdWords auction and the importance of keyword Quality ScoreDetermine your preferred bidding model and daily ad budgetEvaluate campaign performance by timeframe, keyword, and other criteriaHone your keyword list whenever search queries trigger your adsAdd negative keywords to filter out irrelevant queriesOutperform competitors and organic search results with targeted ad copyDetermine conversion goals, and use AdWords tools to track them