Mürner Level - Rolf Mürner, Foto Plus Schweiz GmbH & Lukas Bidinger

Mürner Level

By Rolf Mürner, Foto Plus Schweiz GmbH & Lukas Bidinger

  • Release Date: 2014-11-04
  • Categories: Courses & Dishes


Rolf Mürner, Patissier World Champion, is regarded as an international dessert expert. In his new book ‘Mürner Level’ he introduces within its 242 pages his latest exceptional dessert recipes in great detail. He has already convinced the professional world in 2010 when his first book ‘Mürner One’ won the first prize at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in the category ‘Best Dessert Book of the World’ in Paris. ‘Mürner Level’ is considered a consistent development of his highly professional dessert art. With a wide range of experimentation, the sensual search for new inspirations and the love of perfection, he designs a base for highly creative recipes once again. Presented as a visual pleasure he sets new standards for all dessert connoisseurs with ‘Mürner Level’. Patisserie in its most superb form, delicate chocolate toppings and irresistible ice cream temptations enhance even wide –ranging dessert repertoires. Let yourself be seduced into a world of astounding and wittily impressive combinations of taste,“ wrapped” in his well known elegant design.